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Writing to influence an admissions decision is a business communications assignment that is quite different than writing a school term paper.  We apply over 25 years of business communications experience to guide and coach students through this high stakes writing assignment. Student’s write the essay, but SharperPencil makes sure the essay is right.


For over 10 years, College Assistance Plus have used their proven, comprehensive program helping  hundreds of families navigate the college admissions process and find schools that fit academically, socially, and financially.  The business of college admissions is complex, and these experts know how to guide you to success.


Honor.  Respect.  Devotion to Duty.  

If your want a top engineering degree while training to serve your country as an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, we have the experience and information to help you fully explore this unique, and highly competitive future.  As an Academy Admissions Partner, we offer experienced insight and connections to the USCGA.  There is never a fee or obligation associated with exploration of any of our US Military Academies.  No recruiters will contact you.

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